From The Desk of: Bruce Ferguson - AKA The Racing Day Pro.

Dear Friend,

My name is Bruce Ferguson and my friends know me as the Racing Day Pro. I was brought up around Race courses from a very young age with many a weekend spent on track with my Racing mad father. He was and still would be without my help what I would call the Bookies Friend. He loved a bet and the thrill of the Gamble but he always bet with his heart first, no logic, no system but always believing that today was his day and then when once again it wasn't he would return again next time with that same belief all over again. Sound Familiar?

For years he was taken for a mug by the bookies. But I'm a grafter who hates losing at anything and watching my Dad go through the same cycle over and over again just made me more and more determined to turn the tables on the Bookmakers. And the good news for me was that my hard relentless work eventually paid off.

Charity help makes it real for us to run this valuable project free of charge.

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After many years of developing my own systems and ideas I now have several successful years of profits behind me and my Father loves his day at the Races more than ever as long as he has his favourite son alongside him.

In fact its many years since I've had to visit a racecourse on my own as friends seem to queue up for a day out at the track with me. I wonder why?

Despite what you may be thinking I am not about to reveal my system to anyone and I've had plenty of offers believe you me, but what I have decided to do is share my very best bets of the day with an elite group of fellow punters.

What's in it for me? The absolute Truth - Well I do the work anyway so why not make a few extra pounds for the sake of just a few minute's extra work each day. In fact it was my Father who suggested this to me as he got fed up of asking me and then passing on my advice to his swelling number of good friends.

So how does this work?

I pick one meeting every day of the week except Sunday (which is my Family day) and then make a selection in every race. I then narrow that down to my best 1 to 3 selections of the day, which I will deliver to my members.

More often than not you will actually find me at the designated racecourse I have selected for that day. These selections can be Win bets, Each Way bets or Lay bets and you will be advised exactly what to stake on each bet I advise.

Here's the Racing Day Pro service in a nutshell...

1 - How Much Does It Cost?

You can try my service for £66 a month or a great value £149 a Quarter which works out at less than £1.70 a day

2 - How Many Tips Will You Get?

An average day will see you get between 1 and 3 tips.

3 - How Will You Get The Tips?

They will be sent to you by E Mail usually mid morning on the day of the races but with the modern curse of emails not arriving and being sent to spam we have also set up a members area where you can simply log in to collect your tips daily

4 - How Much Will I Bet?

You'll Be Advised How Many Points To Stake On Each Bet Given.

Here are some examples of my recent Winners and what you can expect if you join my Elite Membership club

So there you have Racing day Pro in a nutshell, a no nonsense service at an affordable cost where you can daily advice from a true Racing and Betting Pro.

I hope to see you on board my exclusive elite membership club soon, if you have any queries or questions then please contact me any time through the WIN Support centre



Bruce Ferguson

The Racing Day Pro